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MaxalTig 4943 filler metal cut lengths

4943 Aluminum Filler Metals Exceed 4043 Weld Strength

By: Hobart Brothers

MaxalMig® and MaxalTig® 4943 aluminum welding wire and TIG rods offer 50 percent higher yield strength than MaxalMig® and MaxalTig® 4043 in the as-welded condition, using the same weld procedure.

In addition to providing excellent corrosion resistance, these patented aluminum filler metals reduce distortion and discoloration, along with providing low hot-cracking sensitivity in most applications.

Compared to 4043 aluminum welding wires and TIG rods, the 4943 products offer similar low ductility, formability and toughness. Still, they don’t depend on dilution of the base metal to increase weld strength. 4943 filler metals are ideal for applications ranging from ship and aerospace to general maintenance and repair.

In summary, the features and benefits of MaxalMig and MaxalTig 4943 filler metals include the following:

  • 25% higher UTS & 50% higher yield strength than 4043 in the as-welded condition (typical)
  • Moderate/high strength (35 ksi typical)
  • Low melting temperature/high fluidity
  • Low welding mut and discoloration
  • Low ductility, formability and lower toughness (similar to 4043)
  • Moderate electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity
  • Post weld fully heat treatable, requiring no base metal dilution
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Low shrinkage rate/reduced distortion
  • Low hot cracking sensitivity in most applications

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