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Submerged Arc

Hobart Filler Metals provides a complete offering of submerged arc welding fluxes, wires, and strips that provide best-in-class performance when welding or cladding carbon steels, low-alloy steels, stainless steels, and nickel-based alloys.

  • State-of-the-art production technology ensures wire and flux consistency for reliable welding performance
  • SWX agglomerated fluxes are protected from moisture pickup by exclusive EAE (Excess Air Evacuation) packaging, which helps to minimize the risk of porosity and hydrogen-induced cracking
  • Our comprehensive family of SubCOR™ cored (composite) wires offer high deposition rates to help reduce welding cycle time
  • SubCOR™ SL seamless cored wires are specially designed to provide improved mechanical properties over comparable solid wires

NOTE: In an effort to best serve the packaging needs and requirements of our customers globally, many of our products feature region-exclusive part numbers. To obtain the complete list of diameters and packaging available in your region:

Product Listing

A5.17: EC1
SubCOR EM13K-S MOD is a composite electrode f...
A5.17: EH12K
SDX S3Si-EH12K is a copper-coated, carbon-ste...
A5.17: EM12K
SDX S2Si-EM12K is a copper-coated carbon-stee...
A5.17: EM13K
SDX EM13K is a copper-coated carbon-steel sol...
A5.17: EM14K
SDX EM14K is a copper-coated carbon-steel sol...
A5.17: EC1
SubCOR EM12K-S is a composite electrode for s...
A5.17: EC1
SubCOR EM13K-S is a composite electrode for s...
SubCOR™ SL 731
A5.17: ECG/EC1
SubCOR™ SL 731 is a seamless, carbon-st...
SubCOR™ SL 742
A5.23: ECF5
SubCOR SL 742 is a seamless low-alloy cored w...
SubCOR™ 92-S
A5.23: ECM1
SubCOR 92-S is a low-alloy composite metal-co...
SubCOR™ N1-S
A5.23: ECNi1
SubCOR N1-S is a low-alloy composite metal-co...
A5.23: EF3
SDX S3Ni1Mo-EF3 is a copper-coated, low-alloy...
SubCOR™ 100F3-S
A5.23: ECF3
SubCOR 100F3-S is a low-alloy composite metal...
SubCOR™ 120-S
A5.23: ECM4
SubCOR 120-S is a low-alloy composite metal-c...
SWX 120
No AWS Classification
Flux for wind tower fabrication. Suitable fo...
SWX 150
No AWS Classification
High basicity flux for demanding applications...
SWX 160
No AWS Classification
SWX 160 is a high-basicity, fluoride-basic ag...
HF-N Sub-Arc Flux
No AWS Classification
Submerged arc flux designed for use with soli...
HA-495 Sub-Arc Flux
No AWS Classification
Agglomerated active type flux primarily used...
HN-590 Sub-Arc Flux
No AWS Classification
Basic agglomerated type flux producing weld d...
SubCOR™ SL 745
No AWS Classification
SubCOR SL 745 is a seamless low-alloy cored w...