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Hobart Brothers sets the standard for weldability, no matter the job. Our stringent production process ensures wire and electrode consistency that maximize your welding operation.

Construction & Fabrication Industry Hobart Filler Metals

Construction & Fabrication

From small construction jobs, to large bridges and skyscrapers, confab welding projects demand high-quality welds…

Heavy Equipment Industry Hobart Filler Metals

Heavy Equipment

Critical components. Rugged framework. Bound together in one hardworking machine. To create that machine…



Performance. Productivity. Don’t miss out on cost-saving efficiencies. To maximize your operation, you need filler metals…

Transportation @Matt Barr - Image is updated.


Endurance. Safety. Transportation requires nothing less than the best. To ensure you meet your customer’s needs, you need…

Rail Car Industry Hobart Filler Metals

Rail Car

Longevity. Efficiency. Building a railcar requires materials that withstand the elements. Hobart® ensures your…


Marine & Shipbuilding

Durability. Strength. The right filler metal makes all the difference. From large shipyards to recreational boat fabrication…

Home, Farm & Ranch Industry Hobart Filler Metals

Home, Farm & Ranch

Consistency. Innovation. Welding is key to maintaining and upgrading equipment for the home, farm or ranch, so make sure…

Oil & Gas Industry Hobart Filler Metals

Oil & Gas

Extreme weather. High strength and pressure. Critical applications. Energy and pressure vessels require the strongest…

Education & Training Industry Hobart Filler Metals

Education & Training

Training welders is more than just learning the basic welding techniques. It also means learning good habits, from wearing…