Heavy Equipment

Big jobs depend on heavy equipment. Heavy equipment depends on Hobart® filler metals.

Critical components. Rugged framework. Bound together in one hardworking machine. To create that machine, you need filler metals you can count on: Hobart® filler metals.

Inconsistent filler metals create rework and reduce throughput. Variations in filler metal quality can decrease throughput and cost you money. Get the welding productivity you need with precisely formulated Hobart filler metals. 

Consistent performance is just one reason why Tigercat® forestry equipment depends on Hobart — and so can you.

It’s the tie that binds POWER + PRECISION.

Tigercat® forestry equipment is the most rugged in the world. See why their heavy equipment is built using Hobart filler metals.

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Hobart FabCOR Edge XP

FabCOR® Edge™ XP

AWS: A5.18: E70C-6M H4; A5.28: E80C-G H4

FabCOR Edge XP is a premium gas-shielded metal cored wired that offers X-CEPTIONAL Performance and Productivity. FabCOR Edge XP delivers the high deposition rates and low spatter you expect from a metal-cored wire, plus excellent weld pool fluidity and balanced arc characteristics from which welders of all skill levels can benefit. FabCOR Edge XP’s best-in-class silicon gathering and weld bead contouring help you do great work—and more of it—in less time.

Hobart FabCOR 86R

FabCOR® 86R

AWS: A5.18: E70C-6M H4

Higher deoxidization elements allow this metal cored wire to have more tolerance for mill scale welding applications

Hobart FabCOR 1100

FabCOR® 1100

AWS: A5.28: E110C-K4 H4/CWB: E76C-K4-H4

A 110,000 psi tensile, high performance metal cored wire for use with high strength, low alloy steels such as ASTM 514, HY-100 and T1 steels. Formulated to have low smoke and fume levels while maintaining excellent chemical and mechanical properties.

Hobart FabCO Excel-Arc 71

FabCO® Excel-Arc™ 71

AWS: A5.20: E71T-1C/M H8, E71T-9C/M H8

All position wire for both CO2 and mixed gas. For mild and low alloy steel applications.

Hobart FabCO 811N1

FabCO® 811N1

AWS: A5.29: E81T1-Ni1CJ H4/-Ni1MJ H4

All position flux-cored wire used in applications where low temperature notch toughness is required. Can be used on weathering steels when color match is not required.

Hobart FabCO RXR


AWS: A5.20: E70T-1C/-9C

RXR is an E70T-1 wire that has a higher level of de-oxidizing elements to handle mill scale, rust and other contaminants.

Hobart FabCO 81N1

Fabshield® 81N1

AWS: A5.29: E71T8-Ni1 J H8

Designed for use on Grade X65 pipe and below for Onshore Transmission pipelines. Good for variety of structural steel and general fabrication applications. Designed for applications requiring high impact toughness at low temperatures.

Hobart FabCO 85

FabCO® 85

AWS: A5.20: E70T-5CJ H4/-5MJ H4

This wire has a basic slag system and is designed for use where deposit quality and properties are of a first concern. Weld metal hydrogens are very low making this wire more crack resistant than the acid slag types of wires.