FabCOR Edge XP - Metal Core Welding Wire - Hobart Brothers

FabCOR® Edge™ XP

Brand: HOBART®

AWS: A5.18: E70C-6M H4; A5.28: E80C-G H4

EN ISO: T46 3 M M21 H5

Data Sheet: English, French

SDS: English (NA), Spanish (NA), French (NA), English (EU), Spanish (EU), French (EU)

Certification: Download PDF

Approvals: AWS D1.8, CWB


FabCOR Edge XP is a premium gas-shielded metal cored wired that offers X-CEPTIONAL Performance and Productivity. FabCOR Edge XP delivers the high deposition rates and low spatter you expect from a metal-cored wire, plus excellent weld pool fluidity and balanced arc characteristics from which welders of all skill levels can benefit. FabCOR Edge XP's best-in-class silicon gathering and weld bead contouring help you do great work—and more of it—in less time.


Single and multi-pass welding primarily in the flat and horizontal positions; Semi-automatic, mechanized, and robotic welding; welding non-alloyed and fine grain (carbon) steels; high-productivity shop environments

Available Products

Part Number Diameter (IN) Diameter (MM) Package
S250608-029 0.035 0.9 33 Lb (15 Kg) Spool
S250612-027 0.045 1.2 50 Lb (22.7 Kg) Spool
S250612-029 0.045 1.2 33 Lb (15 Kg) Spool
S250612-050 0.045 1.2 500 Lb (227 Kg) Exacto-Pak
S250612-058 0.045 1.2 1000 Lb (453.6 Kg) Recyclable Exacto-Pak
S250615-027 0.052 1.4 50 Lb (22.7 Kg) Spool
S250615-029 0.052 1.4 33 Lb (15 Kg) Spool
S250615-050 0.052 1.4 500 Lb (227 Kg) Exacto-Pak
S250615-058 0.052 1.4 1000 Lb (453.6 Kg) Recyclable Exacto-Pak
S250619-027 1/16 1.6 50 Lb (22.7 Kg) Spool
S250619-029 1/16 1.6 33 Lb (15 Kg) Spool
S250619-058 1/16 1.6 1000 Lb (453.6 Kg) Recyclable Exacto-Pak


General fabrication, structural steel fabrication, heavy equipment fabrication, forestry equipment, mining equipment, agricultural equipment, commerical truck and trailer fabrication, railcar.