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Hobart FabCOR Element 70C6 low manganese filler metal

Hobart Adds Metal-Cored Wire to Family of Low Manganese Filler Metals

By: Hobart Brothers

The new Element™ 70C6 metal-cored wire joins a family of six gas-shielded, low manganese flux-cored wires from Hobart.

These low manganese filler metals have been developed to help companies meet the increasingly stringent environmental regulations for manufacturing and fabrication industries and to help create a safe and comfortable work environment. The new Element 70C6 wire offers additional benefits associated with other Hobart metal-cored wires, including increased deposition rates (compared to solid wires) that result in faster travel speeds and greater productivity.

Features and benefits of this low manganese filler metal include:

  • Extremely low manganese emissions
  • Higher deposition rates than solid wires
  • Formulated for improved silicon removal
  • Balanced arc characteristics (smooth and penetrating)
  • Assists with conformance to environmental regulations
  • Allows increased travel speed and productivity
  • Helps reduce clean-up times and improve productivity
  • Helps maintain consistent weld appearance and quality

Watch as Blaine Guy, welding engineer at Hobart, demonstrates. For more information on our low manganese filler metals, such as FabCOR Element 70C6, please view the data sheet specific to your product or read more on our website.

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