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Weldall Manufacturing

Weldall Eliminates Weld Cracking with Hobart Flux Cored Wire

By: Hobart Brothers

After experiencing weld cracking and rework with its previous wire, Weldall, a full-service manufacturer specializing in complex and sometimes very large weldments for the power generation, wind energy, nuclear power, construction equipment, mining and railcar industries, eliminated the issue with a conversion to Hobart FabCO® 712M flux-cored wire.

Weldall first noticed issues with cracking with a .052 all-position wire, where there was cracking on the longitudinal and the transverse. Weldall could not sacrifice quality because lives could potentially be at stake. The improvement in quality reduced the time for inspection and rework, as well as minimized costs for those activities.

Features and benefits of this wire include:

  • Fast freezing slag
  • Low diffusible hydrogen
  • Low moisture pickup
  • Excellent CVN impact toughness
  • Maintains CVN toughness after stress relief
  • Suitable for all position welding
  • Helps minimize the risk of hydrogen-induced cracking, and can lower preheat requirements in certain applications
  • Maintains low diffusible hydrogen following atmospheric exposure
  • Resists weld cracking in severe applications
  • Exceeds 20 ft•lbs (27J) CVN impact strength @ -76°F (-60°C) after 10 Hrs of stress relief

For more information on FabCO 712M, view the datasheet.

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