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Hobart 610 Stick Electrode Improves Control and Quality

By: Hobart Brothers

The Hobart 610 stick electrode features a concentric design, ensuring an even coating along its entire length and consistent arc performance — every time, from every pound of product. The product will weld exactly the same from the first rod of the pallet to the last rod of the pallet, increasing welder productivity and improving the weld quality.

Welding operators gain greater control and weld quality as a result, along with reliable weld penetration and arc stability.

Other features and benefits include:

  • Quick starting efficiency
  • Excellent vertical-down
  • Superior arc drive
  • Excellent wash-in
  • Light slag
  • Easy arc striking and increased welding efficiency
  • Faster travel speeds
  • Excellent penetration
  • Easy weld lay-in and smooth bead appearance
  • Quick and easy cleaning of the weld bead

This stick electrode is used in the following applications:

  • Pipe welding
  • Construction and shipbuilding
  • Vertical and overhead plate welding
  • General purpose fabrication
  • Maintenance welding

Watch as Tyler Edwards, Hobart Brothers Welding Technician, demonstrates the Hobart 610 stick welding electrode.

For more information on the Hobart 610 electrode, you can view the data sheet here.

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