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Product Details

Hobart® 610

NameHobart® 610
DescriptionHobart 610 is a premium cellulose stick electrode designed for the pipe welding industry, and the construction industry. It has low spatter and easy slag removal, with excellent operator control.
ApplicationsSingle or multiple pass, DCEP, All Position
IndustriesConstruction and shipbuilding, general purpose fabrication, maintenance welding, pipe welding and vertical and overhead plate welding.
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ApprovalsABS, CWB

Available Products

Part NumberDiameter (IN)Diameter (MM)Package
S129432-0333/32"2.410 Lb (4.5 Kg) Hermetically Sealed Can
S129432-0353/32"2.450 Lb (22.7 Kg) Hermetically Sealed Can
S129432-0453/32"2.45 Lb (2 Kg) Plastic Pak
S129432-0893/32"2.410 Lb (4.5 Kg) Plastic Pak
S129444-0331/8"3.210 Lb (4.5 Kg) Hermetically Sealed Can
S129444-0351/8"3.250 Lb (22.7 Kg) Hermetically Sealed Can
S129444-0451/8"3.25 Lb (2 Kg) Plastic Pak
S129444-0891/8"3.210 Lb (4.5 Kg) Plastic Pak
S129451-0335/32"4.010 Lb (4.5 Kg) Hermetically Sealed Can
S129451-0355/32"4.050 Lb (22.7 Kg) Hermetically Sealed Can
S129451-0455/32"4.05 Lb (2 Kg) Plastic Pak
S129451-0895/32"4.010 Lb (4.5 Kg) Plastic Pak