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Hobart® MaxalMig® 4943

NameHobart® MaxalMig® 4943
DescriptionAlloy 4943 filler metal was formulated to be welded with the same weld procedure specifications as 4043 and 4643, and does not depend upon dilution from the base metal during welding to increase the strength of the weld deposit, while maintaining the same weld characteristics and benefits of 4043 and 4643. Features/Benefits: - 25% higher UTS & 50% higher yield strength than 4043 in the as welded condition (typical) - Moderate/high strength (35 ksi typical) - Low melting temperature/high fluidity - Low welding smut and discoloration - Low ductility, formability, and lower toughness (similar to 4043) - Moderate electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity - Post weld fully heat treatable requiring no base metal dilution - Excellent corrosion resistance - Low shrinkage rate/reduced distortion - Low hot cracking sensitivity in most applications
ApplicationsWelding 6xxx alloys, radiators and air conditioning components, general repair and maintenance, water and gas tight applications, post weld age, post weld heat treat & age applications, automotive/motorcycle frames, sports products - scooters/bicycles, general repair and maintenance, aerospace hardware, ladders and frames, alloy 356 castings, wheels, ship decks, furniture
AWSA5.10: ER4943, R4943
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ApprovalsABS, CE, CWB, TUV

Available Products

Part NumberDiameter (IN)Diameter (MM)Package
4943035040.035"0.91 Lb (0.45 Kg) Plastic Spool
4943035120.035"0.916 Lb (7.3 Kg) Wire Basket
494303512P0.035"0.916 Lb (7.3 Kg) Plastic Spool
4943047123/64"1.216 Lb (7.3 Kg) Wire Basket
494304712P3/64"1.216 Lb (7.3 Kg) Plastic Spool
494304712P223/64"1.222 Lb (10 Kg) Plastic Spool
4943047233/64"1.2300 Lb (136 Kg) Drum
4943062121/16"1.616 Lb (7.3 Kg) Wire Basket