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NASA's James Webb Telescope

Hobart Partners with NASA to Test Webb Telescope

By: Hobart Brothers

Hobart and innovation combined to help NASA conduct crucial pre-launch testing of the James Webb Space Telescope’s design.

A scientific marvel, this telescope will enable researchers to see deeper into the cosmos than ever before — but to accomplish its mission, the James Webb Telescope must be strong enough to withstand the challenges of deep space. To make sure that strength is achievable, exhaustive testing must take place here on Earth. This is because there is no way to bring the telescope back down to Earth for any repairs. In order to do that, engineers must replicate space-like conditions on Earth. This is to ensure the telescope is suited for conditions in deep space. The Earth tests were crucial to this mission’s success.

Only one filler metal manufacturer could meet NASA’s strict standards and timeline: Hobart. Hobart developed the unique solution needed to bind the alloys of the Webb telescope test fixture.

That combination of superior chemistry and superior service came from the Hobart passion for helping every customer find the right filler metal solution for their application. That passion … it’s the tie that binds.

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