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Fort Defiance Relies on Hobart Filler Metals

By: Hobart Brothers

How do you ensure your weld strength meets U.S. Department of Defense standards? For Fort Defiance Industries (FDI), Hobart 4943 filler metal is key. Based in Loudon, Tennessee, Fort Defiance Industries manufactures a variety of products, including an automated field steam autoclave produced for the Department of Defense. For this application, FDI needed a filler metal that would provide consistent weldability, good aesthetics and the strongest weld possible. Choosing Hobart MaxalTig® 4943 aluminum filler metal to manufacture the sterilizers resulted in significantly better weld strength compared to 4043 products. To ensure FDI obtained the best performance possible, a Hobart representative helped FDI adjust welding parameters and provided recommendations for preventing porosity. The result is a durable sterilizer built to withstand the most austere and rugged environments in the world.

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