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Hobart Filler Metals Help E-Z-GO Carts Deliver Reliable Service Around the World

By: Hobart Brothers

Hobart and reliability combine in E-Z-GO vehicles, which people all over the world depend on for comfortable, high-quality transportation. Only Hobart delivers the consistent quality that’s crucial to the strong, durable welds in E-Z-GO recreational, industrial, commercial and utility vehicles. E-Z-GO has built more than just the largest number of golf cars in the world. They’ve built an unequalled reputation for quality and reliability. To protect the safety of their customers and the integrity of the E-Z-GO name, only Hobart is trusted to provide the filler metal that securely binds the vehicles’ rugged frames. And if E-Z-GO needs a custom filler metal formulation, only Hobart creates it. That passion … it’s the tie that binds. Visit http://hobartbrothers.com/tiethatbinds today to request a free product sample, product literature or a one-on-one consultation with a Hobart welding specialist.

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