Metal-Cored Wires (Gas)

Filler Metal Selector Metal Cored Gas Shielded

Gas-Shielded Wires, Carbon Steel

FabCOR® 702
A5.18: E70C-3C

Metal-cored gas-shielded wire combining the h...
FabCOR® Element™ 70C6
A5.18: E70C-6M H4

FabCOR Element 70C is a mild-steel metal-core...
FabCOR® Edge™
A5.18: E70C-6M H4
17632-A: T46 3 M M21 3 H5
Edge is a metal-cored wire with fewer silicon...
FabCOR® 86R
A5.18: E70C-6M H4
17632-A: T46 2 M M21 3 H5
Higher deoxidization elements allow this meta...
FabCOR® F6
A5.18: E70C-GS
17632-A: T3T Z Z M M20 3/T3T Z Z M M21 3; 17632-B: T43 Z TG 0 M20 A-G /T43 Z TG 0 M21 A-G
Extremely high deposition metal-cored wire de...