Flux-Cored Wires (Gas)

Filler Metal Selector Flux Cored Gas Shielded

Gas-Shielded Wires, Carbon Steel, Flat and Horizontal

FabCO® 70XHP
A5.20: E70T-1CJ H8/-9CJ H8/-12CJ H8/-1MJ H8/-9MJ H8
17632-B: T55 2 T1 0 C/M A H10
Designed for high deposition applications req...
FabCO® Super-Cor
E70T-1C H4/-9C H4

Highly efficient E70T-1 wire that can increas...
FabCO® TR-70
E70T-1C H8/-9C H8

This wire has low smoke, spatter and excellen...
17632-B: T55 2 T1 0 C1 A H10
RXR is an E70T-1 wire that has a higher level...
FabCO® 73

FabCO 73 has a very high amount of de-oxidizi...
FabCO® 85
E70T-5CJ H4/-5MJ H4

This wire has a basic slag system and is desi...
FabCO® Element™ 70C
E70T1-GC H8/E70T1-C1A4-G H8

Designed as a low Manganese (Mn) E70T-1C prod...