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Jan 7, 2008

New 900-LB. Recyclable Drum Minimizes Downtime, Costs

TROY, Ohio. January 7, 2008-To reduce downtime and costs associated with drum changeovers, Hobart Brothers introduces its new 900-lb. recyclable X-Pak for metal-cored welding wire. The new X-Pak measures 35-inches tall, 23 inches in diameter and is comprised of 100-percent recyclable fiber.

Hobart Brothers currently offers five types of metal-cored wire in the new 900-lb. X-Pak, including its Tri-Mark® Metalloy® Vantage™ and Metalloy 76; Hobart® Fabcor® 86R; and Corex® Metal-Cor Maxim™ and Metal-Cor 6 in .045- and .052-inch diameters.

Compared to standard 600-lb. drums, the new 900-lb. X-Pak minimizes the number of changeovers necessary per month/year by approximately 33-percent, and with that the amount of downtime and associated labor costs for handling. Because the X-Pak is packaged and shipped on individual skids, handling is further simplified when compared to traditional drums that must be maneuvered off of larger skids.

An optional overhead lifting device (part #FDL-C) is also available to expedite handling of the drum.  The overhead lifting device works on a CAM action that stabilizes the drum during transport and easily attaches to an overhead hoist or fork on a lift truck.

Other features incorporated into the new X-Pak include an available 23-inch chime-less cone (part #WW10231F-DP), which allows the entire X-Pak to be recycled and lessens costs for chime removal and overall drum disposal.

Hobart Brothers is dedicated to the highest level of Performance Welding™. For product specification sheets or to learn more about Hobart Brothers products, visit, email, call 1-800-424-1543, fax 1-800-541-6607, or write Hobart Brothers Company, 101 Trade Square East, Troy, OH 45373.

Hobart Brothers Company of Troy, Ohio, is a leading manufacturer of welding filler metals marketed under the brand names Hobart, Tri-Mark, McKay and Corex. Hobart Brothers Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works, Inc. based in Glenview, Ill. ITW is a multinational manufacturer of a diversified range of value-adding and short-lead-time industrial products and equipment.