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Jun 3, 2021

New FabCOR Edge XP Metal-Cored Wire Enhances Productivity, Cost Savings

By: Hobart Brothers

TROY, Ohio. June 2, 2021 — Hobart has introduced its new FabCOR® Edge™ XP metal-cored wire, formulated to deliver a balanced arc, along with best-in-class silicon gathering and weld bead contouring, to help improve productivity and reduce costs for post-weld cleaning, scrap and rework.

“We’re excited to add FabCOR Edge XP to our portfolio of metal-cored wires,” says Robert Fox, welding engineer and marketing specialist, Hobart. “The wire provides excellent arc characteristics, so it appeals to welders of all skill levels and makes obtaining quality welds easier.”

FabCOR Edge XP wire is formulated to migrate silicon to large islands at the centerline of the weld, where they are easily identifiable and accessible for removal. This reduces downtime for post-weld cleaning that can be critical for sequent operations such as paint application.

The silicon gathering of FabCOR Edge XP is best on clean materials, but the wire also provides industry-leading performance when welding over mill scale. FabCOR Edge XP’s good wetting action allows for excellent weld bead appearance and contour in these applications.

Users can gain high deposition rates, lower spatter and improve operator efficiencies with FabCOR Edge XP compared to solid wires, along with achieving faster travel speeds for greater productivity. It’s also versatile enough to weld on a wide variety of joint angles and material thicknesses.

FabCOR Edge XP carries an American Welding Society (AWS) A5.18 classification of E70C-6M H4. The wire offers low levels of diffusible hydrogen (under 3.0ml per 100g of weldment) to minimize the risk of hydrogen-induced cracking and typically provides between 85,000 to 90,000 psi tensile strength, depending on the shielding gas mixture used. FabCOR Edge XP has been tested for use with shielding gas mixtures ranging from 75% argon/25% carbon dioxide to 95% argon/5% carbon dioxide.

The wire is ideal for manufacturing earthmoving equipment; rail, truck and trailer fabrication; and the welding of non-alloyed and fine-grain steels or steel structures. It can also be used in automatic and mechanized welding.

Hobart is offering the wire in 0.045-, 0.052- and 1/16-inch diameters in 33- and 50-pound spools, 500-pound X-Paks™ and a new 1,000-pound recyclable X-Pak.

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