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Sep 3, 2021

New Octagonal Exacto-Pak Welding Wire Drum Improves Productivity, Increases Cost Savings

By: Hobart Brothers

TROY, Ohio. September 2, 2021 — Hobart has introduced its new Octagonal Exacto-Pak (X-Pak™) drum for its most popular metal-cored wires, including FabCOR® Edge™ XP and FabCOR 86R. The drum is designed to help welding operations improve productivity and increase cost savings. It uses the same dependable technologies as other Hobart X-Pak drums, providing consistent, straight wire payout that essentially eliminates the risk of wire tangles and wander — along with downtime to address these issues.

The Octagonal X-Pak is ideal for improving productivity in robotic and automatic welding. The drum contains 1,000 pounds of wire in a footprint of 25 inches (L) by 25 inches (W) by 34 inches (H), reducing the need for frequent changeover associated with smaller welding wire packages. Fewer changeovers also reduce labor costs monthly and annually and allow welders to spend more time welding.

“We’re always looking at ways to help our customers streamline and improve their welding operations,” says Caleb Haven, director, Throughput Matters at Hobart. “The Octagonal X-Pak is an innovation that can help them not only achieve more uptime but also save money.”

Hobart also designed the Octagonal X-Pak to reduce waste. The drum is 100% recyclable at any facility that recycles corrugated containerboard.

Users gain optimal wire feeding performance using 24.5/25-inch octagonal drum hoods or the lid that is supplied with the drum. The Octagonal X-Pak simply requires a direct-pull kit and conduit to be attached prior to welding.

Hobart offers a Set Up & Tear Down Guide for the new Octagonal X-Pak.

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