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Hobart Develops Custom Filler Metal Solution to Reconstruct San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge

By: Hobart Brothers

Hobart and stability combine in the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge: one of the longest spans in the United States. Every day, the drivers of 250,000 vehicles depend on the bridge to safely reach their destinations — so when the bridge required reconstruction, the engineers at Portland State University turned to Hobart. Mechanical Materials Engineer Dr. Bill Wood and Senior Research Engineer Bob Turpin knew that only a precisely formulated, low-hydrogen filler metal could be used to bind the new bridge’s critical support structures. Hobart worked directly with the engineers to custom design a solution. That combination of precision and collaboration come from the Hobart passion for helping every customer find the right filler metal solution for their application. That passion … it’s the tie that binds. Visit https://hobartbrothers.com/tiethatbinds today to request a free product sample, product literature or a one-on-one consultation with a Hobart welding specialist.

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