Flux-Cored Wires (Gas)

Filler Metal Selector Flux Cored Gas Shielded

Product Listing

FabCO® Element™ 71T1C
A5.20: E71T-1C/-9C/-12C H8, A5.36: E71T12-C1A2-CS2-H8

Designed as a low Manganese (Mn) E71T-1C prod...
FabCO® 910
A5.20: E71T-1MJ/-9MJ/-12MJ

Specially designed for use with high Argon sh...
FabCO® 70XHP
A5.20: E70T-1CJ H8/-9CJ H8/-12CJ H8/-1MJ H8/-9MJ H8
17632-B: T55 2 T1 0 C/M A H10
Designed for high deposition applications req...
FabCO® Excel-Arc™ 71
A5.20: E71T-1C/M H8, E71T-9C/M H8
17632-A: T46 3 P C1 2 H10, T46 3 P M21 2 H10
All position wire for both CO2 and mixed gas....
FabCO® 712C
A5.20: E71T-1CJ/-9CJ/-12CJ H4
17632-A: T42 6 P C1 2 H5
Formulated to produce excellent mechanical pr...
FabCO® XL-550
A5.20: E71T-1CJ/-9CJ/-12CJ H4, A5.36: E71T12-C1A5-CS2-H4/ E71T12-C1P5-CS2-H4
17632-A: T42 4 P C1 2 H5/17632-B: T49 4 T1-1 C1 AP H5
Formulated to allow excellent impact values a...
FabCO® 712M
A5.20: E71T-1MJ H4, E71T-9MJ H4, E71T-12MJ H4
17632-A T42 6 P M21 2 H5
Formulated to allow excellent mechanical toug...
FabCO® Element™ 81K2C
A5.29 E81T1-GC H8; A5.36 E1T1-C1A2-Ni2 H8

Designed as a low Manganese (Mn) replacement...
FabCO® Element™ 71C
A5.29: E71T1-GC H8; A5.36: E71T1-C1A4-K13 H8

Designed as a low Manganese (Mn) E71T-1C prod...
FabCO® Element™ 71M
A5.29: E71T1-GM H8; A5.36 E71T1-M21A4-G H8, E71T1-M20A4-G H8

Designed as a low Manganese (Mn) E71T-1M prod...
FabCO® 881K2
A5.29: E81T1-K2MJ H8
17632-A T46 6 1.5Ni P M21 2 H5
Designed for use in the off shore market due...
FabCO® 812-Ni1M
A5.29: E81T1-Ni1 MJ H4

Formulated to allow excellent mechanical toug...
FabCO® 750M
A5.29: E111T1-GM H4, A5.36: E111T1-M21A6-G-H4

All position gas shielded flux cored designed...
FabCO® 81K2-C
A5.29: E81T1-K2CJ H8

All position wire designed for 100% CO2 gas....
FabCO® 811N1
A5.29: E81T1-Ni1CJ H4/-Ni1 MJ H4

All position flux-cored wire used in applicat...
FabCO® 101K3

Offers excellent properties on many higher st...
FabCO® 105D2

This product can be used for the repair of ma...
FabCO® 101

This wire minimizes the crack sensitivity in...
FabCO® 115K3
E110T5-K3C/-K3M H4

This wire is used for welding high strength q...
FabCO® 115

Primarily used in the welding of T-1, A514, A...