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Tensile Strength Is Critical for Medical Equipment Manufacturer

By: Hobart Brothers

Fort Defiance Industries knew gaining a Department of Defense contract meant weld strength would be critical – so they turned to Hobart 4943 TIG rods. When bidding for the contract to produce automated steam field sterilizers for the Department of Defense, Fort Defiance Industries had to quickly develop a prototype that was reliable, durable and stood up to hydrostatic testing. The right filler metal was essential to ensure the necessary weld quality and strength. Hobart MaxalTig® 4943 aluminum filler metal delivered a 2,000 psi increase in tensile strength, ensuring welds would stand up to the harshest conditions in the world. Using the 4943 filler metal, FDI has manufactured about 180 steam sterilizers and will produce hundreds more to satisfy the government contract it secured.

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