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Pulsed MIG Welding Galvanized Steel with Metal-Cored Wire

By: Hobart Brothers

Having the right welding wire and equipment for galvanized steel applications is key to addressing its welding challenges. Metal-cored wire designed for this material and paired with a Pulsed MIG process (straight polarity) provides measurable results in automotive manufacturing, particularly for the robotic welding systems typically used. Benefits include:

1. A softer arc penetration that prevents burn-through on thinner gauged material.

2. An improved weld penetration profile.

Sufficient arc energy to vaporize the galvanized zinc coating. This minimizes surface and subsurface porosity.

The combination also eliminates spatter associated with using solid wire and a Constant Voltage (CV) power source, which is common when welding on galvanized steel.

Gaining efficiencies with metal-cored wire
High deposition rates and faster travel speeds are the greatest productivity- and quality-advantages of metal-cored wire for galvanized steel, like Hobart® FabCOR® F6 (American Welding Society E70C-GS). For example, FabCOR F6 metal-cored wire is designed to produce limited subsurface porosity at 40 inches per minute, compared to 23 or 25 inches per minute for solid wire.

Welding galvanized steel with metal-cored wire and a Pulsed MIG process allows a balance between time and temperature so that there isn’t too much heat input that could lead to burn-through.

Metal-cored wire consists of a metal sheath filled with metallic powders, alloys and arc stabilizers, so it carries higher current densities (at equivalent amperage settings as with solid wire), making it possible to put more weld metal in a joint in less time (higher deposition). The faster travel speeds and lower defect rates offered by the wire can help automotive manufacturers increase throughput and reduce costs related to rework.

Discover how switching to FabCOR® F6 metal-cored wire can improve your operation. 

This article is the second in a two-part series focused on welding galvanized steel with metal-cored wire in automotive applications. Read article one, The Challenges of Welding Galvanized Steel in the Automotive Industry.

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