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Fabshield® XLNT-6

Brand: HOBART®

AWS: A5.20: E70T-6

Data Sheet: English, French

SDS: English (NA), Spanish (NA), French (NA), English (EU), Spanish (EU), French (EU)

Certification: Download PDF

Approvals: AWS D1.8


For applications that require a self shielded high deposition wire with low temperature impact toughness. Designed for use outside.


Single or multiple pass applications, no shielding gas required

Available Products

Part Number Diameter (IN) Diameter (MM) Package
S225625-H82 5/64 2 20 Lb (9 Kg) Vacuum Pkgd Spool
S225629-008 3/32 2.4 600 Lb (272 Kg) Drum
S225629-H82 3/32 2.4 20 Lb (9 Kg) Vacuum Pkgd Spool
S225629-V14 3/32 2.4 50 Lb (22.7 Kg) Coil


Structural Steel, Shipbuilding, Bridge Construction, Offshore Rigs Construction, Shipbuilding, Offshore