Hobart® MaxalMig® 5554

NameHobart® MaxalMig® 5554
Description5554 filler metal is the most common aluminum/magnesium alloy for welding 5454 base metal where sustained elevated temperatures above 150 degrees F are experienced. Features/Benefits: - Moderate strength (33 ksi typical) - Most common 5xxx filler alloy for welding 5454 base material in elevated temperature applications - Higher ductility/formability - Higher column strength/better feedability - Good color match after anodizing with 5xxx/6xxx base materials - Higher hot cracking sensitivity in some applications
ApplicationsMatched filler alloy for 5454 applications, elevated temperature applications (+150 degrees F), automotive wheels, heat exchangers
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ApprovalsCE, CWB, TUV

Available Products

Part NumberDiameter (IN)Diameter (MM)Package
5554030040.030"0.81 Lb (0.45 Kg) Plastic Spool
5554035040.035"0.91 Lb (0.45 Kg) Plastic Spool
5554035080.035"0.95 Lb (2 Kg) Plastic Spool
5554047043/64"1.21 Lb (0.45 Kg) Plastic Spool
5554047083/64"1.25 Lb (2 Kg) Plastic Spool
5554047123/64"1.216 Lb (7.3 Kg) Wire Basket
5554047233/64"1.2300 Lb (136 Kg) Drum
5554062231/16"1.6300 Lb (136 Kg) Drum
5554062121/16"1.616 Lb (7.3 Kg) Wire Basket