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SubCOR™ 92-S

Brand: HOBART®

AWS: A5.23: ECM1

Data Sheet: English

SDS: English (NA), English (EU)

Certification: Download PDF

Approvals: AWS D1.8, CWB


SubCOR 92-S is a low-alloy composite metal-cored wire electrode for submerged arc welding in high strength applications. SubCOR 92-S meets AWS A5.23 chemistry M1, and is designed for tensile strength levels above 80 ksi.


Single and multiple pass welding with recommended submerged arc fluxes, high-strength low-alloy steels, structural components, heavy equipment components, ship panels, wind towers

Available Products

Part Number Diameter (IN) Diameter (MM) Package
S651325-002 5/64 2 60 Lb (27 Kg) Coil
S651329-002 3/32 2.4 60 Lb (27 Kg) Coil
S651329-008 3/32 2.4 600 Lb (272 Kg) Drum
S651343-002 1/8 3.2 60 Lb (27 Kg) Coil
S651343-008 1/8 3.2 600 Lb (272 Kg) Drum
S651350-002 5/32 4 60 Lb (27 Kg) Coil
S651350-008 5/32 4 600 Lb (272 Kg) Drum


Structural & bridge fabrication, heavy equipment, power generation, shipbuilding, offshore