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Product Details

Quantum Arc™ 3

NameQuantum Arc™ 3
DescriptionSolid wire great for general fabrications operations using CO2 or Argon rich shielding gases
ApplicationsSingle or multiple pass 75 Argon/25 CO2 or CO2
IndustriesGeneral fabrication, light sheet metal fabrication, automotive frames or structures, metal storage bins, metal furniture, and railcars. Excellent for robotic, automatic and semi-automatic welding applications with wire feed speeds ranging from moderately slow to very fast.
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Available Products

Part NumberDiameter (IN)Diameter (MM)Package
S307308-0110.035"0.9600 Lb (272 Kg) Robo-Pak
S307308-0330.035"0.933 Lb (15 Kg) Steel Reel
S307308-0450.035"0.945 Lb (20.4 Kg) Steel Reel
S307308-0700.035"0.9950 Lb (431 Kg) Recyclable Robo-Pak
S307308-0850.035"0.945 Lb (20.4 Kg) Fiber Spool
S307312-0110.045"1.2600 Lb (272 Kg) Robo-Pak
S307312-0280.045"1.260 Lb (27 Kg) Fiber Spool
S307312-0450.045"1.245 Lb (20.4 Kg) Steel Reel
S307312-0700.045"1.2950 Lb (431 Kg) Recyclable Robo-Pak