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Product Details

FabCO® 711M

NameFabCO® 711M
DescriptionThe stiff arc action of this wire enhances the deep penetration for out of position welding. Designed for use welding carbon steels, or higher strength steels where the properties of an E71T-1 are deemed adequate.
ApplicationsSingle and multiple pass applications with CO2, and Argon/CO2 shielding gas
IndustriesShipbuilding and repair, Railcar, General Fabrications, Structural
AWSA5.20: E71T-1C H8/-1M H8
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Available Products

Part NumberDiameter (IN)Diameter (MM)Package
S248812-0290.045"1.233 Lb (15 Kg) Spool
S248812-0270.045"1.250 Lb (22.7 Kg) Spool
S248815-0290.052"1.433 Lb (15 Kg) Spool
S248815-0500.052"1.4500 Lb (227 Kg) Exacto-Pak
S248819-0291/16"1.633 Lb (15 Kg) Spool
S248819-0021/16"1.660 Lb (27 Kg) Coil