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Hobart® FabCOR® F6™

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Many automotive manufacturers currently use solid wire or self-shielded, flux-cored wire in galvanized steel welding applications. With welding speeds between 18 and 24 inches per minute (IPM), these wires offer relatively slow throughput and expose many of the pitfalls of welding with galvanized steel, including:

  • Porosity – gas bubbles caused by interaction with zinc coating can become trapped in the weld, causing defects that compromise steel strength; steel melts at 2.500F; zinc melts at 782F and boils/vaporizes at 1,665F
  • Burn-through – thinness of galvanized steel can result in weld burn-through, resulting in material loss, costly rework and reduced productivity
  • Poor weld penetration – insufficient side-wall penetration reduces material integrity and can lead to premature weld failure
  • Spatter – excessive spatter adds to the post-weld cleanup process
  • Zinc-coating – requires specific welding techniques to maintain galvanized steel integrity

The new Hobart FabCOR F6 metal-cored wire pairs perfectly with galvanized steel in robotic automotive manufacturing applications.

With an AWS classification of E70C-GS and a formulation that enables welding with direct current electrode negative (DCEN) straight polarity, FabCOR F6 provides significant advantages such as faster travel speeds and greater deposition. The fine ball droplets transfer in our metal-cored wire, combined with higher current densities, deposit more metal into T fillet and T horizontal joins in less time than solid wire.

FabCOR F6 advantages over solid wire:

  • Greater deposition and penetration
  • Welds up to 40 inches per minute
  • Less subsurface porosity
  • Less burn-through and spatter

Available Products

Part NumberDiameter (IN)Diameter (MM)Package
S278308-0290.035″0.933 Lb (15 Kg) Spool
S278308-0750.035″0.9750 Lb (340 Kg) Exacto-Pak
S278310-0750.039″1.0750 Lb (340 Kg) Exacto-Pak
S278312-0290.045″1.233 Lb (15 Kg) Spool
S278312-0500.045″1.2500 Lb (227 Kg) Exacto-Pak
S278312-0580.045″1.21000 Lb (453.6 Kg) Recyclable Exacto-Pak
S278319-0581/16″1.61000 Lb (453.6 Kg) Recyclable Exacto-Pak