Jul 20, 2020

5 Tips for Increasing Welding Throughput

Increasing throughput in the welding operation isn’t a one-step process. It requires a commitment of time, labor and financial resources to be fruitful. Because of that, undertaking the project may seem daunting to business owners and other stakeholders.


It is critical to keep an open mind, assess whether a specific modification makes sense — and if so, be prepared to make some potentially significant changes. Not all throughput improvements can be made with simple adjustments like turning a knob on a power source. Switching filler metals may require requalification. In some cases, making positive changes to the welding operation could involve capital purchases like fixturing or positioners. In these cases, it will take time to establish a true understanding of the return on investment.

Ultimately, the goal is to create efficiencies throughout the manufacturing operation —including activities upstream and downstream of welding — that increase the number of parts out the door. Consider some tips to help ease the process along the way.

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