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Apr 5, 2017

Aluminum Filler Metals: Which Are Right for You?

Did you know aluminum contributes to 8 percent of the Earth’s crust? Not only is this material part of the very ground we stand on, but it also makes up many of the things that surround us in our everyday life.

When the application calls for aluminum, 6xxx series base material is a common choice due to its versatility for a wide variety of applications. One alloy specifically — 6061-T6 — is frequently used in applications such as shipbuilding, automotive manufacturing and trailer construction. 

One common question you may have: What type of filler metals should I use with 6xxx series aluminum? The answer: either 4xxx or 5xxx series filler metals. But keep in mind that the final use and requirements for the part you are welding are still the most important factors. 

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