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Hobart Element™

Hobart Element Product Family ImageHobart Brothers Company is excited to offer a new line of filler metals unrivaled in the marketplace: The Element™ family of low manganese flux-cored wires. Our engineers designed these products with two key factors in mind: compliance and performance. The Element wires can help you meet the increasingly stringent environmental regulations for manufacturing and fabrication industries – and ensure the best operability and productivity.

Used in combination with industry leading fume extraction products from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. and Bernard, Element wires can help you gain an edge in quality and compliance.

Hobart Element™ Products Vs. Standard Wires – Significant Reduction In Manganese Levels

Data Showing Reduction of Manganese (Mn) in Welding Environment

Product Listing

Element™ 71T1M
E71T-1M/-9M H8

Designed as a low Manganese (Mn) E71T-1M prod...
Element™ 81K2C
E81T1-GC H8

Designed as a low Manganese (Mn) replacement...
Element™ 81K2M
E81T1-GM H8

Designed as a low Manganese (Mn) replacement...
FabCO® Element™ 71T1C
E71T-1C/-9C/-12C H8

Designed as a low Manganese (Mn) E71T-1C prod...
FabCOR® Element™ 70C6
E70C-6M H4

FabCOR Element 70C is a mild-steel metal-core...

Comprehensive Hobart Element Brochure

Element Brochure (Low Resolution)
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