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Hobart. It’s the tie that binds science and people.

In an industry that’s about getting jobs done, the relationship Hobart builds with you is never completed.
Every day, every project, every weld is another opportunity for Hobart to earn and secure your trust by helping you find
the right filler metal solution. That kind of help, those solutions, what you care about in welding is our passion.

That passion … it’s the tie that binds.

Every day, success stories are written using Hobart filler metals. Now, Hobart is making it even easier for you to find the welding solutions we’ve created with so many others, including NASABad Boy Mowers and Marine Group Boat Works.

Try us today to see how we can help ensure your success.

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Hobart® MEGAFIL® Seamless Flux- and Metal-Cored Wires

Hobart® MEGAFIL® Seamless Flux- and Metal-Cored Wires
A seamless design reduces moisture pick up and potential weld cracking, while the copper coating helps ensure smooth feedability and optimal current transfer.

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Hobart® Element<br>Low Manganese Flux-Cored Wires

Hobart® Element
Low Manganese Flux-Cored Wires

Exceptionally low manganese levels help maintain compliance with environmental regulations — without sacrificing performance or productivity.

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Hobart® FabCO® 712M<br>Gas-Shielded Flux-Cored Wire

Hobart® FabCO® 712M
Gas-Shielded Flux-Cored Wire

Superior impact toughness and low hydrogen levels make this wire an excellent choice to minimize weld cracking risks and costly rework.

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Hobart® FabCOR® F6<br>Metal-Cored Wire

Hobart® FabCOR® F6
Metal-Cored Wire

High deposition rates, fast travel speeds and low subsurface porosity improve productivity and quality, especially on galvanized steel applications.

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Hobart® FabCOR® CVN<br>Metal Cored Wire

Hobart® FabCOR® CVN
Metal Cored Wire

Superior impact toughness and low hydrogen levels make this wire an excellent choice to minimize weld cracking risks and costly rework.

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Hobart® 610<br>Stick Electrodes

Hobart® 610
Stick Electrodes

A concentric design and even coating provide consistent performance, better control and higher weld quality — every time, from every pound of product.

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FreightCar America

Hobart® metal-cored wire helped FreightCar America eliminate issues with birdnesting and simplified welding operator training, saving the company time and money.


California contractor, Jolson Welding increased productivity by 30 percent with a switch to new welding equipment and Hobart® gas- and self-shielded flux-cored wires.


Investing in Hobart® metal-cored wire allowed Swartfager Welding to standardize on one wire for its manual and robotic weld cells, improve quality and simplify operator training.

Hobart Filler Metals

Hobart Filler Metals help customers to create stronger, more durable welds. Hobart works with customers to find or develop the perfect filler metal solution.

E-Z-Go Carts

E-Z-Go Carts is able to deliver dependability for its customers and keep safety a priority by relying on Hobart Filler Metals to produce reliable, quality welds.

Weldall Manufacturing

Weldall Manufacturing increases efficiency and reduces time and rework costs by eliminating weld cracks through its conversion to Hobart flux-cored wires.

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

Hobart’s custom-designed filler metal solution, low-hydrogen wire and electroslag weld process enables Oakland Bay Bridge project to hit a “silent home run.”


NASA chooses Hobart to quickly and reliably produce a unique chemical composition for a custom filler metal solution to test new NASA telescope for space.

Marine Group Boat Works

Marine Group Boat works says Hobart wire has been essential to fulfilling minimum 25 year lifespan requirement for U.S. Navy dive boats.

Bad Boy Mowers

Hobart’s wire quality is “second to none” and helps Bad Boy Mowers increase productivity of its tough, reliable mowers by 20 percent.