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SWX 150

NameSWX 150
DescriptionHigh basicity flux for demanding applications. For demanding applications such as offshore, pressure vessel, cryogenic and nuclear fabrication. Excellent low temperature toughness. Wide range of flux/wire combinations, including for high strength, low-temperature and creep resistant applications. Narrow gap welding.
ApplicationsHigh basicity flux for demanding applications
IndustriesOffshore construction, Offshore wind towers, Civil construction, Pressure vessels, Nuclear applications, Narrow gap welding, Double-jointing, High strength applications
EM12K-S,EM13K-S,EM13K-S MOD,92-S,F2-S,100F3-S,4130 SR,120-S,N1-S,SL 731,SL 741,SL 742,SL 745,SDX EM13K,SDX S2Si-EM12K,SDX S3Si-EH12K,SDX S2Mo-EA2, SDX S4Mo-EA3,SDX S2Ni1-ENi1,SDX S3Ni1Mo0.2-ENi5,SDX S3Ni1Mo-EF3
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Available Products

Part NumberDiameter (IN)Diameter (MM)Package
S669510-055"50 Lb (22.7 Kg) Bag