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Brand: HOBART®

AWS: A5.17: EM12K

EN ISO: 14171: S2Si

Data Sheet: English

SDS: English (NA), Spanish (NA), French (NA), English (EU)

Certification: Download PDF

Approvals: ABS, CWB


SDX S2Si-EM12K is a copper-coated carbon-steel solid wire for submerged arc welding. SDX S2Si-EM12K is a versatile, general purpose product suitable for joining a wide range of non-alloyed steels with a wide variety of flux(es). ** In an effort to best serve the packaging needs and requirements of our customers globally, this product features region-exclusive part numbers. To obtain the complete list of part numbers available in your region, e-mail us at [email protected], contact your regional ITW Welding office, or contact Hobart Brothers customer service (North America) **


Single and multiple-pass welding using recommended fluxes, non-alloyed and fine-grain steels, general fabrication, structural components, heavy equipment components, railcar frames, wheel fabrication, storage tanks, boilers, pressure vessels, ship panels, pipe double jointing, wind towers

Available Products

Part Number Diameter (IN) Diameter (MM) Package
S295125-S20 5/64 2 55 Lb (25 Kg) Wire Basket [North America]
S295125-S71 5/64 2 1000 Lb (454 Kg) Drum [North America]
S295129-S20 3/32 2.4 55 Lb (25 Kg) Wire Basket [North America]
S295143-S20 1/8 3.2 55 Lb (25 Kg) Wire Basket [North America]
S295143-S71 1/8 3.2 1000 Lb (454 Kg) Drum [North America]
S295143-S74 1/8 3.2 220 Lb (99.89 Kg) Coil [North America]
S295150-S20 5/32 4 55 Lb (25 Kg) Wire Basket [North America]


General fabrication, heavy equipment, railcar, shipbuilding, structural & bridge fabrication, power generation, oil & gas, offshore