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Product Details

Hobart® MaxalMig® 4047

NameHobart® MaxalMig® 4047
DescriptionCommon applications for 4047 are for thin sections where the higher fluidity and lower shrinkage rate are important for distortion control. 4047 is also used in applications where excellent wetting action for joint sealing of pressurized fluids and gases is required. Features/Benefits: - Low melting temperature/high fluidity - Excellent wetting action for joint sealing applications - Low welding smut and discoloration - Very low ductility, formability, and toughness - Moderate electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity - Excellent corrosion resistance - Very lowest shrinkage rate/reduced distortion - Low hot cracking sensitivity in most applications
ApplicationsWelding 6xxx alloys, radiators and air conditioning components, general repair and maintenance, water and gas tight applications
AWSA5.10: ER4047, R4047
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ApprovalsCE, TUV

Available Products

Part NumberDiameter (IN)Diameter (MM)Package
4047035120.035"0.916 Lb (7.3 Kg) Wire Basket
4047047123/64"1.216 Lb (7.3 Kg) Wire Basket
4047047233/64"1.2300 Lb (136 Kg) Drum