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Product Details

Hobart® 447A

NameHobart® 447A
DescriptionFast freeze characteristics make this the perfect choice for welding applications that have poor fit-up conditions. Produces a very stable arc with good weld bead appearance. Excellent choice for sheet metal welding.
ApplicationsSingle or multiple pass, AC, DCEN, DCEP, All Position
IndustriesGeneral purpose fabrication, machine parts, metal buildings and structures, shaft build-up.
AWSE6013 (E4313*)
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ApprovalsABS, CWB

Available Products

Part NumberDiameter (IN)Diameter (MM)Package
S113832-0313/32"2.450 Lb (22.7 Kg) Carton
S113832-0893/32"2.410 Lb (4.5 Kg) Plastic Pak
S113832-0453/32"2.45 Lb (2 Kg) Plastic Pak
S113844-0311/8"3.250 Lb (22.7 Kg) Carton
S113844-0451/8"3.25 Lb (2 Kg) Plastic Pak
S113844-0891/8"3.210 Lb (4.5 Kg) Plastic Pak
S113851-0315/32"4.050 Lb (22.7 Kg) Carton
S113851-0895/32"4.010 Lb (4.5 Kg) Plastic Pak
S113858-0313/16"4.850 Lb (22.7 Kg) Carton