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Product Details

Hardalloy® 140

NameHardalloy® 140
DescriptionDeposits a high chromium carbide alloy steel. Can be used to overlay surfaces subjected to high abrasion coupled with some impact. Maintains its wear resistance to a temperature of 1200 degrees F and offers some corrosion resistance.
Applications3 layers maximum, DCEP or AC
IndustriesAmmonia Knives, Augers, Bucket Teeth and Lips, Bulldozer Blades, Cement Chutes, Crusher jaws and cones, Crusher Rolls, Cultivator Chisels and Sweeps, Dredge Cutter Heads and Teeth, Dredge Pump Side Plates, Grizzly Bars and Fingers, Manganese Pump Shells, Mill Guides, Pipeline Ball Joints, Plow Shares, Scraper Blades, Screw Conveyors, Sheepsfoot Tampers, Sizing Screens
AWSNo AWS Classification
Data SheetEnglish
SDSEnglish (NA)

Available Products

Part NumberDiameter (IN)Diameter (MM)Package
S544044-0331/8"3.210 Lb (4.5 Kg) Hermetically Sealed Can
S544051-0335/32"4.010 Lb (4.5 Kg) Hermetically Sealed Can
S544058-0333/16"4.810 Lb (4.5 Kg) Hermetically Sealed Can