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Product Listing

Fabshield® 4
A5.20: E70T-4
Self-shielding tubular wire designed for high...
Fabshield® XLNT-6
A5.20: E70T-6
For applications that require a self shielded...
Fabshield® 7027
A5.20: E70T-7
Straight polarity self-shielded tubular wire....
Fabshield® 21B
A5.20: E71T-11
This wire is used for almost any general purp...
Fabshield® 23
A5.20: E71T-14
Higher deoxidizing elements make this an exce...
Fabshield® XLR-8 ™
A5.20: E71T-8JD-H8
For those applications requiring all position...
Fabshield® 71K6-NP
A5.29: E71T8-K6J H8
Designed for use on offshore drilling rigs as...
Fabshield® 71T8
A5.29: E71T8-Ni1 J H8
Designed for use on Grade X70 pipe and below...
Fabshield® 81N1
A5.29: E71T8-Ni1 J H8
Designed for use on Grade X65 pipe and below...
Fabshield® X80
A5.29: E81T8-Ni2J H8
Designed for use on Grade X80 pipe for Onshor...

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