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Aluminum Seminar Flyer

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Aluminum Welding
Tech Seminar Flyer

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Aluminum- MIG/TIG

Filler Metal Selector Aluminum

Submerged Arc Flux Carbon & Low-Alloy Steel

SWX 110
No AWS Classification

Multi purpose flux applied in a variety of in...
SWX 120
No AWS Classification

Flux for wind tower fabrication. Suitable fo...
SWX 130
No AWS Classification

Flux for longitudinal pipe mills. High curre...
SWX 150
No AWS Classification

High basicity flux for demanding applications...
SWX 160
No AWS Classification

SWX 160 is a high-basicity, fluoride-basic ag...
HA-495 Sub-Arc Flux
No AWS Classification

Agglomerated active type flux primarily used...
HN-590 Sub-Arc Flux
No AWS Classification

Basic agglomerated type flux producing weld d...