FabCO® Element™ 70C

NameFabCO® Element™ 70C
CategoryGas-Shielded Wires, Carbon Steel, Flat and Horizontal
DescriptionDesigned as a low Manganese (Mn) E70T-1C product to assist with conformance to OSHA requirements and NIOSH and ACGIH recommendations for Manganese. This product offers reductions of Mn in the weld fume of 60-80% over a standard E70T-1C product with low diffusible hydrogen as well as enhanced operator appeal and high deposition for flat and horizontal welding .
ApplicationsExcellent for applications where compliance with OSHA regulations, or NISOH and ACGIH recommendations for Manganese could be a concern, such as confined spaces or high volume manufacturing
IndustriesHeavy Equipment, Rail, General Fabrication, Shipbuilding, Structural Steel
AWSE70T1-GC H8/E70T1-C1A4-G H8
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ApprovalsABS, CWB

Available Products

Part NumberDiameter (IN)Diameter (MM)Package
S297819-0291/16"1.633 Lb (15 Kg) Spool
S297829-0023/32"2.460 Lb (27 Kg) Coil