FabCO® 750M

NameFabCO® 750M
CategoryGas-Shielded Wires, Low Alloy, All Position
DescriptionAll position gas shielded flux cored designed to weld high strength low alloy steels as well as low alloy pipe grades such as X80 and above. This product offers low diffusible hydrogens and good low temperature impact properties
ApplicationsSingle or multi pass applications with mixed gas 75-80% Argon balance CO2.
IndustriesHigh Strength low ally steels, Oil & Gas, Jackup Rig Construction, Overmatch of API 5L Grade X80, API 5L Grade X100 Pipe
AWSA5.29: E111T1-GM H4, A5.36: E111T1-M21A6-G-H4
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Available Products

Part NumberDiameter (IN)Diameter (MM)Package
S289812-0730.045"1.230 Lb (14 Kg) Vacuum Pkgd Wire Spool (VPWB)