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Sep 12, 2014

Equipment, Techniques and Applications for Metal-Cored Wires: Your Questions Answered

Although not new, metal-cored wires still tend to cause some confusion in the welding industry. These filler metals, actually around since the 1970s, have in recent years become an increasingly viable option for applications in the fabrication, construction and manufacturing sectors. Some pipeline and offshore applications have also found benefit from metal-cored wires. Metal-cored wires are a type of tubular wire filled with metallic powders, alloys and arc stabilizers that provide distinct benefits in the final weld, including deoxidation, toughness, higher impact strengths and low hydrogen levels.

Better understanding the uses for metal-cored wire, the equipment needed to operate it and the welding techniques for this filler metal can help you determine if there is an opportunity for these wires in your welding operation. Here are some of your questions about metal-cored wire answered.

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