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Comprehensive Hobart MEGAFIL® Brochure

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Results will vary depending on your particular application and welding environment.

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MEGAFIL® : Seamless Technology

Hobart MEGAFIL Product ImageExciting new line of filler metals. MEGAFIL® seamless flux- and metal-cored welding wires.

The seamless technology of the MEGAFIL products offers:

  • Extremely low diffusible hydrogen values
  • Welded seam and copper coating aids in little to no moisture pick up
  • Ideal for field applications where climates can be challenging.
  • Copper coating improves feedability and provides optimal current transfer


Hobart MEGAFIL® : The Low Hydrogen Answer

Chart - Standard Flux cored hydrogen values vs. MEGAFIL

Detailed Product Information

(Products with M = Metal-Cored Wires. R = Flux-Cored Wires.)

Product Listing

5.29: E91T1-K2 MJ H4
18276-A: T 55 6 Mn1,5Ni P M 1 H5
An all-position gas-shielded flux-cored wire...
A5.18: E70C-6M H4
17632-A: – T 46 6 M M 1 H5
Metal cored wire for carbon steel application...
A5.20: E71T-1MJ H4/-1C H4/-9MJ H4/-9C H4/-12MJ H4/-12C H4
17632-A: T 46 4 P M 1 H5 / T 46 2 P C 1 H5
MEGAFIL 713 R is a rutile flux cored wire for...
A5.28: E120C-K4 H4
18276-A: T 89 4 Mn2NiCrMo M M 1 H5
A 120,000 psi tensile, high performance metal...
A5.28: E80C-Ni1

MEGAFIL 240M is designed for welding low all...
A5.29: E81T1-Ni1C H4, E81T1-Ni1MJ H4
17632-A: T 50 6 1Ni P M 1 H5
All position flux-cored wire used with mixed...
E70T-5M J H4
17632-A: – T 46 6 B M 3 H5 / T 42 4 B C 3 H5
This wire has a basic slag system and is desi...