Flux-Cored Wires (Gas)

Filler Metal Selector Flux Cored Gas Shielded

Product Listing

FabCO® 803
E81T1-Ni2CJ H4/-Ni2MJ H4

FabCO 803 is especially suited for those fine...
FabCO® 90K2

Offers excellent properties on many higher st...
FabCO® 95K2
E90T5-K2C H4/-K2M H4

Excellent for high tensile strength and low t...
FabCO® 911B3
E91T1-B3C H4/-B3M H4

Suitable for use on materials having a simila...
FabCO® 991K2
E91T1-K2C H8/-K2M H8

Same as TM-91K2 with the exception that this...