Jul 30, 2008

VertiWear Hard Surfacing Wire Reduces Costs, Lengthens Parts Life

TROY, Ohio. July 30, 2008-Designed to provide superior impact and abrasion resistance, Hobart Brothers McKay® VertiWear® 600 and VertiWear AP hard surfacing wires help increase parts life, prevent excessive equipment wear and reduce the need or cost for maintaining extra parts inventory. Additionally, hard surfacing with VertiWear 600 and AP wires costs 20 to 30 percent less than replacing worn parts and serves as a reliable alternative to purchasing new equipment. VertiWear 600 wires are ideal for repairing dragline chain, mill guides and coupling boxes, whereas VertiWear AP wires are best suited for crusher jaws and cones, dragline buckets and high-impact applications.

Ideal for hard surfacing mild- and low-alloy steel components that are prone to moderate abrasive wear and medium to high impact, VertiWear 600 wires deposit a multi-purpose martensitic steel alloy and feature excellent slag removal to ease cleanup and improve productivity. VertiWear AP wires also offer an easy-to-remove slag and are best suited for build-up or overlay on austenitic manganese or carbon steel and/or for joining austenitic manganese steel to manganese, carbon, or low-alloy steel.

VertiWear 600 wires are available on 25-lb. spools of .045- and 1/16-in diameters and VertiWear AP wires are available in .045-in diameter on 25-lb spools. Both wires are ideal for out-of-position, multi-pass welding and can operate with either a 100-percent CO2 or a 75/25 Argon/ COshielding gas mixture.

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