NameSDX S1-EL12
CategorySubmerged Arc Solid Wire Carbon Steel
DescriptionSDX S1-EL12 is a copper-coated, carbon-steel solid wire for submerged arc welding. SDX S1-EL12 has a very low-alloy content, making it suitable for use with active fluxes or in applications without demanding toughness requirements. ** In an effort to best serve the packaging needs and requirements of our customers globally, this product features region-exclusive part numbers. To obtain the complete list of part numbers available in your region, e-mail us at, contact your regional ITW Welding office, or contact Hobart Brothers customer service (North America) **
ApplicationsSingle and multiple-pass welding using recommended fluxes, One or two-pass welding using active fluxes, non-alloyed and fine-grain steels, general fabrication
IndustriesGeneral fabrication
Data SheetEnglish
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Available Products

Part NumberDiameter (IN)Diameter (MM)Package
710241025H3/32"2.455 Lb (25 Kg) Wire Basket [North America]
710321025H1/8"3.255 Lb (25 Kg) Wire Basket [North America]
71032414FH1/8"3.21000 Lb (454 Kg) Drum [North America]
710401025H5/32"4.055 Lb (25 Kg) Wire Basket [North America]
71040414FH5/32"4.01000 Lb (454 Kg) Drum [North America]
71024102503/32"2.455 Lb (25 Kg) Wire Basket [INT'L]
71024414F03/32"2.41000 Lb (454 Kg) Drum [INT'L]
71032102501/8"3.255 Lb (25 Kg) Wire Basket [INT'L]
71032414F01/8"3.21000 Lb (454 Kg) Drum [INT'L]
71040102505/32"4.055 Lb (25 Kg) Wire Basket [INT'L]
71040414F05/32"4.01000 Lb (454 Kg) Drum [INT'L]