FabCOR® 4130 SR

NameFabCOR® 4130 SR
CategoryGas-Shielded Wires, Low Alloy
DescriptionFabCOR® 4130 SR is a metal-cored electrode intended for use with 80% Argon/20% Carbon Dioxide shielding gas. FabCOR® 4130 SR does not produce AISI 4130 deposit chemistry, but provides mechanical properties suitable for the fabrication and repair of AISI 4130 & 4140 components. FabCOR® 4130 SR is capable of maintaining a high-strength deposit after extensive stress-relief hold times, which makes it desirable for welding thick sections encountered in applications such as well head fabrication and repair. FabCOR® 4130 SR also produces welds that meets NACE requirements that are demanded in the oil and gas industries, and the high-strength deposit is suitable for joining a variety of other high-strength low-alloy materials encountered in industries such as heavy equipment.
ApplicationsWellhead fabrication and repair, joining and repair of 4130 & 4140 steel, high-strength low-alloy steel
IndustriesOil & Gas, Offshore, Heavy equipment
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Part NumberDiameter (IN)Diameter (MM)Package
S275512-0530.045"1.233 Lb (15 Kg) Vacuum Packaged Spool