Having the right filler metal for the job — whether it’s a tubular wire, solid wire or stick electrode — is key to gaining the best weld quality and productivity in a welding operation. It can also help reduce costs. That’s why Hobart Brothers has a knowledgeable staff of welding engineers to develop products to fit most every application.

But the right product can’t help if you don’t get it on time! You need to have filler metals delivered when you need them, and to have access to resources to check order status, answer pricing questions and more. 
Hobart Brothers has a staff of dedicated customer service representatives — led by, Leisa Quafisi, the manager of international trade compliance and domestic/international customer service — who make sure that all happens. And they are right there to answer any questions you might have along the way.
Meet our customer service team and learn how they make a difference everyday at Hobart Brothers.

Carolyn Markham (25 years of service):
Carolyn is the regional coordinator for Canada, and says that “providing customers with the information they require quick and efficiently” is among her favorite parts of the job. She recognizes that the answers distributors receive from her and the rest of the team can help grow their business, and says that she wants Hobart to be the first one people think to call. “We are always friendly and ready to help out,” says Carolyn. “No question is silly and the reply will be immediate. If we need to look into it, we will respond ASAP!”



Carla Montoya (20 years of service):
Carla is the international regional coordinator for the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, France, Indonesia, Guam and Russia. She believes that offering distributors timely responses is the most important part of providing a good customer service experience. Carla also knows how important it is for distributors to get “a live person on the phone first time they call, knowing they will be taken care of and understanding that we [Hobart Brothers] are interested in building relationships.”

Pam Niles (36 years of service):
Pam is a domestic customer service representative who loves talking with distributors and says the most important part of her job is to “keep customers satisfied and happy!” That means providing answers to questions right away or getting distributors to the technical resources they need if the call requires it. She is responsible for orders, pricing, shipment status and more, and says that she believes distributors really enjoy the “one on one service” provided by the Hobart Brothers customer service team.

Bonnie Niswonger (29 years of service):
Bonnie is a senior customer service representative supporting domestic distributors, salesmen and end users. She says that her “most rewarding experiences are talking on a daily basis to the distributor and salesmen who have become friends over the years — almost like family.” Her goal is to maintain the friendly focus of the customer service department and ensure she gives everyone who calls the help they need. She says that she “gets a great deal of satisfaction from helping others.”

Vickie Pierson (1 year of service with Hobart; 19 years with Hobart Ground Power):
Vickie is responsible, among other tasks, for the review of documents and freight coordination for all import shipments coming into the USA to Hobart Brothers. She enjoys helping customers and knowing that “before they hang up that call, they are very pleased with the results.” To Vickie, providing the proper follow up is just as important as the initial call — if a team member doesn’t know the answer to a question, they’ll find out and touch base back with the customer. According to Vickie, customers can always expect prompt courteous and personal service when calling Hobart Brothers.

Leisa Quafisi (36 years of service):
Leisa is the manager for international trade compliance and domestic/international customer service. According to Leisa, her main goal at Hobart Brothers is “Responding in a timely manner, letting the customer know that I care about their request and that I have done the best to get results for them.” She sees that same commitment in the team she leads, noting how friendly, helpful and experienced everyone is, as well as how committed they are to handling business professionally and expediently. At the end of the day, it’s “hearing the satisfaction in customers’ voices” that makes the job so worthwhile!”

Sharon Yantis (38 years of service):
Sharon is a senior customer service representative and says, “It has always been very satisfying to help a customer out of trouble, whether it’s by expediting, offering price and availability or any number of other issues.  Helping the customer is the most important part of my position.” When distributors call Hobart Brothers, Sharon says they can expect to get friendly service and accurate information — no matter what the question. She likes that distributors can reach the person they need without having to go through a complicated system.

Combined, the Hobart Brothers customer service team brings over 200 years of customer service experience to work every day! That experience ensures that no matter how challenging the call, customers can always get to the resources they need — quickly and efficiently.